Over the past 12 years, the studio has taken on its intended shape and has somewhat become a cradle for the Ummagma project.
We learned that our musical tastes are sufficiently wide-ranging and the know-how we have accumulated means that we are also able to extend our interest to supporting other talented musicians.
$100 per song
Different versions of a song: a cappella or instrumental + $15 per hour of mixing.
This process entails the addition (summation) of recorded material, based on the artistic concept, into a unified harmonious flow.
The mixing process includes frequency and dynamic-related adjustments for instruments and vocals.
This creates space, depth, and multidimensionality within the music.
Sometimes the mixing process also includes additional layers and overlay effects.
$10 per minute of audio recording to be mastered

To calculate the cost of a mastering session, estimate the total time of your audio project and simply multiply that by 10.

For example, a 4-minute song would cost $40 (4 x 10 = 40). If you plan to have mastering done for different versions of the song (for example, a radio edit, instrumental, acapella, etc.) we apply a flat rate of $10 for each additional version.

Not all projects have additional versions.
Please take the above-mentioned information into account when planning your mastering sessions.

In terms of the information that will be contained in the AAA files of the iTunes program, you should send this to me directly.
This is the final process of correcting the audio recording. The result is an organic, cohesive, rich harmonic sound. The music is better received without causing a sense of fatigue during repeat listens.
Highly noteworthy: brilliant mixing.
Email for a price quote
Remixing a client's own composition
Requires multitracks or stems with the vocal tracks in two versions - with processing and without
Any audio format is acceptable, but WAV is preferable
Session files can be in WAV, AIFF or SD2 formats (44.1, 48 or 96kHz / 16 or 24 Bits)
Before saving the file, you need to disable all dynamic processing on the master bus.
Before saving the parts, you need to set all of the tracks from the beginning.
Esch track must be given a clearly understood name (i.e. rhythm guitar, vocal, bass).
We accept uncompressed file formats, such as WAV, AIFF or SD2
No processing on the master bus channel. Full dynamic range please
Save the headroom - keep away from zero. Minus 6DB down from zero will be sufficient.
Full payment is required before we will release or upload a full set of reference tracks.

We accept bank and credit card payments through PayPal, Interac, other payment transfer systems like MoneyGram and Western Union, and Wire Transfers.

If you use PayPal, please add 4.25% to the total fee amount to cover PayPal fees.

Wire Transfers will also be subject to an additional fee in order to cover bank fees incurred.
Recording System
Pro Tools, Cubase, Sequoia
AD/DA Conversion
Apogee, Lavry
PiTone Lab monitors
SK1200 Studio 4 amplifier
Dynamic/EQ Processing
Urey, Drawmer, Millennia, Manley Vari-mu, Massive Passive, Purple, Chandler Germanium, Orban, Yamaha, Symetrix, Daking, API
Reverbs / FX & other spatial processing
Lexicon M300, TC M5000 (MD2), Eventide H3000/+, MidiVerb II, Yamaha D5000, AKG spring reverb.
We also used HQ TDM & UAD plugins.